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Hi there! I’m a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by night, and this is my blog. I live in Los Angeles, have a great dog named Jack, and I like piña coladas. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…or something like this:

The XYZ Doohickey Company was founded in 1971, and has been providing quality doohickeys to the public ever since. Located in Gotham City, XYZ employs over 2,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Gotham community.

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  1. Manaeigz’s Supercars 70 1/2 tested a 1970 Torino Cobra, basically the same car with different sheetmetal, with the optional 375 hp SCJ, 4spd, 4.30 gear at 13.3 @ 106mph.Hot Rod April 1970 tested a base Cyclone with CJ, auto, 3.50 gear at 14.23 @ 101mphAnd I can relate to the rarity of parts, I’ve got a 70 Spoiler still needing restoration myself.

  2. Crazy to talk about getting rid of Dave. Look I’m not happy about where we are but to fire the coach now will put us back 9 more years. You will have kids leave, then the coach will not have time to recruit, he will say its tough to bring kids to Laramie .. etc…etc….etc… Look Dave is the right guy just needs to get this thing back on track…. I don’t want to sit back and wait another 6 years to start winning again…

  3. Hey Ivan!Great idea to make a post and recap on your older and good posts. You’ve given me the idea to do this for my next post, something like ‘My 15 favourite articles”.Going to read some of these articles you mentioned over the weekend when I’m relaxed and have more time:)Cheers and have a great day!.-= Diggy –´s last blog .. =-.[]

  4. I see you continue to generate comments by describing Peter O’Toole as an English actor. Both IMDB and Wiki identify him as Irish, although I’ll grant that he’s not too sure himself.You were right about one thing last week – amuck last Monday was spelled thusly b/c PB could not use the letter O in other-than-designated spots. So it was in a way related to the meta.

  5. About the article you link to. The author’s argument is ridiculous. It is comparing a regime which was racist against its subjects, stole land from the citizens on massive scale and actively suppressed its economy to a politician who wants to cut government (granted, Ryan want to do the English type of cuts ie benefits and not payroll).Unless of course you start looking at taxation as theft and suppression of the economy and then things start to come together. However Bill Black does not make this association.

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  7. C’est effectivement triste, ton état d’esprit se comprend.Mais faut se dire aussi que celui ci part pour laisser la place à un nouveau, sur lequel du monde aussi travaillera/s’échinera/rira, encore… Il n’y a pas de fin, mais un incessant recommencement 🙂 Sinon on se rend nostalgique de tout tout le temps 🙂

  8. Hi Tanya!I am looking forward to Sandy’s Circus coming out this Fall! I was wondering why you chose to write about Calder? I think he is wonderful and I am so glad he is going to shine in this beautiful book. Blue Balliett’s new book, Calder’s Game, coming out in May. I love how biography trends just seem to happen.Comments?Also, I HAVE to add:Happy Birthday, Kelly!(If she is hare!)

  9. Mom also drew Krishna's feet at home yesterday, but what bothers me is the tasty seedai prepare in home is missing and those bought from the shop lacks the savor. Keeping away the belief, I like celebrating festivals as much it bring happiness to everyone.Pictures are very colorful to eyes!

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  11. ScraggyNahát, eszembe sem jutott volna, hogy a Firefox-hoz van ilyen kiegészítés, pedig használok párat … :$ Köszi!Hmm, és a képek külön szerveren való tárolása sem egy utolsó ötlet mobilitás szempontjából. FÅ‘leg, hogy a WP címváltozás esetén a bejegyzésekben található abszolút eléréseket nem módosítja. 🙁 A képekhez mit tervezel: Flickr, Piacasa vagy mondjuk egy Extra tárhely? 🙂

  12. I would be a lot more interested in tying Google+ videos and YouTube together. It is insanely stupid that a video I upload in Picasa or Google+ is completely disconnected from YouTube, even though it is plainly obvious they are using the same hosting and even player for the videos. I often have to upload the same video to both services as a result.comment credit: Jason Keirstead (Tech Crunch Reader)

  13. I just want to add that anyone who objects to paying for patterns might want to try writing one even half as clear, concise and accurate as Fickleknitter patterns are. It’s a very difficult thing to do. Thanks, Fickleknitter, for doing the work for us! You’re worth every penny, and thank you for explaining what it takes to own your own business.

  14. Federer est une vraie légende, je suis d’accord avec vous.Mais cela écrit, la phrase « les légendes ne meurent jamais » n’en est pas moins un cliché, une formule bateau qui n’est ni élégante, ni originale. Juste un peu pompeuse. Dommage, cet article méritait une chute à la hauteur de sa qualité globale, plutôt que cette chute lourde et banale.

  15. September 20, 2009Qusii! I miss you so much. Thank you, m’dear, for your reassuring words. I know I have genuine friends, mumsy, and a hubby, that truly love me, and they won’t ever turn their back on me (this includes YOU). I think about you often and thought about calling you. I think I will sometime soon. Oh, we also popped in Shadow of the Colossus a few nights ago and thought of you. We love that game so! <3

  16. , reality dictates that if part of the "universal body" is cancerous (self destructive), it must be removed without anger, without hatred. It must be removed dispassionately. It must be removed if the rest of the universal body is to survive. Different ingredients go into the fondue/melting pot of life – TRUE. But they must all be edible ingredients. Muslims seen to be the arsenic in our universal fondue.

  17. Minä olen tänään käynyt kaksi kertaa yhden nettikirjakaupan aletarjontaa läpi, klikkaillut kirjoja ostoskoriin ja tajunnut, että en ihan totta voi koko ajan vain ostaa uusia. Jotenkin on silti sellainen kutina, että ehkä huomenna sorrun… ;)Hyviä löytöjä olet kyllä tehnyt!

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  19. Perte de privilèges pour les uns, nouvelle liberté inconfortable pour les autres.C’est exigeant la liberté et l’auto-détermination, par rapport au confort relatif de la dépendance… D’où la tentation pour certaines d’y retourner.Pour ce qui est du couple, c’est certain que la démocratie est plus compliquée à faire fonctionner que la dictature….

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  21. aaa that was such a sweet and beautiful thing to say, inshallah we can build on our imaan and improve ourselves inshallah.. its so hard in this day and age and I am so proud of the sisters that manage to wear hijabs, inshallah we will too! May Allah grant u jannah too inshallah 🙂 xx

  22. Hey Mohamed,I agree, my beliefs are open to criticism and I accept that. In fact, I welcome the criticism. Where I draw the line is when criticism moves from my beliefs to my person. A person should be judged by what they do, not what they believe.

  23. Oberflächlich ähnlich? Meine Güte es gibt Oberflächen, die sind unglaublich tief. Blödsinn. Es sind 2 Seiten der gleichen Medaille. Unterdrückung, Ausgrenzung, Nepotismus, Gewalt und Ausbeutung. Wer will kann gerne noch mehr "anfügen".

  24. Muito Obrigado por sua participação Ludgero, seja bem vindo e fico muito feliz que você tenha gostado, realmente muitas pessoas não entendem o marketing, as que pensam que sabem algo sobre ele, deturpam toda a ideia, para compreender é preciso viver e estudar o marketing constantemente. Forte Abraço amigo.

  25. 15dThank you for sharing and thank you for supporting breastfeeding mothers. Best for Babes supports ALL mothers to feed their babies as they see fit, and is working to provide more resources to mothers who can not or decide not to breastfeed. Thank you for raising your voice, it is very much appreciated!

  26. Good opening topic, Michael. I find it interesting that many “purist” photographers invoke Ansel Adams when referring their “I don’t use Photoshop” methods, as if he never manipulated his shots. In fact, he used the tools of his day as much as he could to create his masterpieces. Read his book, The Print, for elucidation. I’ll bet if he were alive today he’d work the hell out of PS!The proliferation of easy/digital/connected technology has allowed everyone to produce “art,” to the point where we are inundated with crap. It’s all about ease of use, cheaply done.

  27. hej: Min fru är från nigeria, hon blev våldtagen, Ett barn blev till under våldtäkten, barnet gavs mitt namn eftersom vi är gifta. vi tänker skilja oss. Men då barnet fått mitt namn (då vi ju är gifta) och jag då står som fader, kan jag åka på underhåll? Hon vill inte att jag skall betala något, och kan vi båda hindra att detta sker?

  28. bueno yo queria que perdiera Argentina…. no tengo nada en contra de los argentinos excepto el hecho de creerse superiores al resto y mas aun con ese desagradable gordo de maradona… (una leccion al orgullo y la soberbia) que actualmente es una verguenza…lastima que aqui en Chile no lo pescan mucho…. solo la prensa se encarga de divinizarlo….Me caen m uy bien los urugyayos asi como tambien los costarricenses… ojala gane “el mas mejor”

  29. Le « contrôle », surtout social, est un sentiment très fort au Japon, la « salle de bain » – invention purement occidentale et glacée – est la hantise de la modernité. On a là une quintessence des angoisses japonaises, fantasmatiques, sur le mode onirique. Rien de « vécu » là-dedans, du pur fantasme – celui qui défoule. Celui qu’on ne sait pas produire pour nos angoisses à nous, dans le monde qui se globalise. Les Japonais, si.

  30. A proposito di preservativi…su che pianeta vivo io che quando dico all’uomo “hai il preservativo?” quello dice…no, ma tanto si vede che sei una brava ragazza? ahhahahaha…tanto per dire, hè…ps..per la pulizia secondo me non c’è da fare distinzione di sessi, a me un maschio che puzzava non è mai capitato, e nn credo sia solo fortuna.

  31. Again P tries to steer conversation away from the issue. Newspaper endorsements while nice, Thave little effect on elections. The point is that Christie, not Corzine asked for the debates.Why would any candidate who’s ahead in the polls riisk an open debate? And why would the guy who is behind in the polls put off a debate? Hmmmmm. I’d guess internal polls of both candidates show a change in momentum. Stay tuned for more poll data.

  32. You are lucky in America.Family budgets aside, not really. Except for a few metro areas, there are no real alternatives to private motorized transport and the relatively low prices at the pump just keep ‘em coming back for more of the same. high gas prices there are a policy decision as much as anythingHigh gas prices in the UK are a policy decision, period.

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  34. Jim – What in FSY do you not like? What in the current setup do you think drives kids away?I think that as we deemphasize Scouting, the youth program is looking better and better. DTG and PP allow them more opportunities to do service together, Scouting does not.I’m not pollyannish — YM/YW gives the cheerleader leaders more of an opportunity to socialize them toward one great goal and they don’t try very hard to include kids who are outside the norm, but it’s hardly worth throwing out.

  35. Anna- Vandelay Industires LOLDaniel- So jealous of your presents! I wish I had a furniture fairy to make my dreams come true 🙂 Although I almost had a heart attack when I saw the Eames lounge. Thank you for saying its a knock-off or I would have been in a fit of crazy for I don’t know how long. Still jealous though.-Whit

  36. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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  43. Got this phone and now I am a bit concerned at how slow it sometimes is. Or maybe I am slow – my first android. LOL I am wondering if anyone else has problems being slow when on say Youtube, or Facebook (does not update my messages fast). Also, if anyone knows if the Samsung Admire would be better?Thanks in advance if anyone can help me out!Peace.

  44. Há sempre alguém, que tenta *reinventar * a história passadaà sua maneira. Que lhes façam bom proveito . . .Mas o povo não esquece e conta aos filhos (e aos netos) o quefoi o século XX (felizmente) . .

  45. like to use natural tree brncahes for my singing finch and canary (thanks for the info, they are getting along!, but am concerned about toxins. I can use pear tree brnches from my yard, that have never been sprayed with insecticides. This should be ok I think but I would like your opinion,. I last used them almost 2 years ago with my parakeet and there were no problems., thank you.

  46. I recently got a new job (in Denver,CO)…yea! The only problem is that payroll is set up only through direct deposit and as of today, i don’t have a single bank account! I’ve heard so many horror stories about hidden fees etc that Im waery about banks but it seems now I have no choice. My first couple of checks will be paper which means I have two more weeks to find a reasonable bank and open an account! Help! thanks

  47. Read the post. I'm dumber than when I started, like someone yanked out some of my brains and stuffed in sawdust.At the start Mr Creekmore noted that he was not an expert on nuclear power and asked for feedback on this guest post from readers.No. He presented his flights of apocalyptic fancy as if they were facts and THEN asked for feedback. It's no different from listening to a couple of townies at the local tavern blather over their beer.

  48. Steve, Thanks for reading this. Writing a blog is like sending sending satellites out into deep space. One hopes they will eventually run into life but that hope is founded less on experience and more on faith. You make the third person who has actually read what I’ve written. I appreciate the comment!

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  50. When over the years I heard my guests comments go from "this is authentic morocco, where tourists are the side line to daily life – the main event" to the more recent "wow I feel like I'm in Disneyland!", I realised that the destroy & replicate restoration, new concrete archways, proposed canals and shameful concealment of graveyards was all too much. Even culturally sensitive Coke signs hint at the stirrings of a much larger corporate takeover.

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  52. Love the paper piecing, Susan! I had to look a minute to see what you’d done but it’s so cute. Yes, I love that curled candy, DSP. It reminds me of the candy my mother bought at Christmas. Great card!

  53. PÃ¥ fredagen hade vi fest hemma för ssambon fyller Ã¥r. Sen pÃ¥ lördag var vi ut och Ã¥t middag med hans föräldrar och farbror. Idag söndag ska vi Ã¥ka upp till mamma och pappa för att fira mamma och brorsan som fyller Ã¥r. MÃ¥nga födelsedagar blir det. 🙂

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  55. , “oh great mom another race. Am I running it too?!” Yeahhhh Biz, maybe someday we’ll run a race together! That is definitely motivation to keep moving this month. I am addicted to banana peppers. I just had an egg white omelet with banana peppers, spinach and mushrooms. I also put them on pizza.

  56. This is all very inspiretional. As long as we remain separate from the Whole, we are contributing to the world’s suffering. Let’s try and make Theosophy a Living Force in our lives! There Is Nothing Higher than Truth!

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  63. Holy moley does everything look good at Pearl's. I'd have that whole plate of buttermilk chicken to myself thanks – oh man, it's making me miss the USA so much. Seriously, those burgers look deadly.. with all that glistening! And love the concept of Eggless – it's a great reminder that those that have dietary restrictions shouldnt be limited during dessert time either! Also digging the fact that they seem to have a cultural variance with the desserts offered. Something you don't see quite often here.

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